Monday, June 30, 2008

Hall of Fame

Hey Guys. Jim Gardner and I have arrived in Cooperstown NY for a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame. We spent about 5 or 6 hrs just walking thru the place today and it was amazing. Just a lot of fun to see the history of the game and all of the great names from the long ago and near past. Had to look hard to find much about the Rangers but a favorite was a display of the 7 different hats Nolen wore while pitching his "no hitters". Will try to write a little more about baseball over the next few days. Rick

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out and About

Well, I hope everyone who checks in on us will come back in July when we return to Cambodia! Sorry we haven't had much to share. Rick has been on the road visiting people who may come to the ship and catching a few ball games. I am traveling with my sister and nephew. So, don't give up, we will return! thanks gail

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Campout

What is one of the best experiences for families to have fun and be together? Camping! And, what makes the experience really memorable? Rain! Rick and I made camping a regular activity for the kids when they were growing up and we have some great memories. This past weekend Zac and Brit drove up and we were all going to camp at Lake Quachita. Both kids had gotten tents as wedding presents and had not used them yet. So we decided it was time! Friday evening was great. We grilled and sat around the campfire and even had s'mores. No problems with getting the tents set up. Then about 2 a.m. it started. Thunder, lightening and rain! At first it was soothing, but when the drips starting dropping, uh-oh! At 6, we all climbed into the cars and headed for breakfast at the local restaurant! Needless to say we all needed naps, but definitely a new family memory that included the new spouses! gail

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Colorado Reunion

WE just returned from a wonderful time with my brother and sisters and Mom in Colorado. We did some hiking in the mountains, barbecuing in the back yard, and mostly just catching up on each others lives and reliving old warm and fuzzy memories! God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I am very thankful. Rick

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Colorado Reunion

Colorado Rockies! Wow, is it beautiful here! We are visiting Rick's brother Roger and wife Nancy who are hosting a mini family reunion. Mini, because only the siblings are here plus Rick's mom. No kids or grandkids, except Roger's because they live here. As we flew in and saw the snow-capped mountains, it was so beautiful and awed by God's majesty. Roger and Nancy brought a team to Cambodia last January, so they invited them for a B-B-Q dinner and a chance for us to visit with them. It was good talking about the memory and hearing them share how the experience affected them. There is a special bond that develops in the mission field and we are blessed to have met each of these peopele. I'm not sure if any will return since they are active in other mission points, but Roger is already planning to bring more next January! gail

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Myanmar Relief

May 28 7:00 PM - This message just came in from Phil Gardner, PIP Project coordinator in Yangon. PIP will be continuing to work in the disaster areas for several months as we have done in other areas hit by disasters.

"Sandra (Bible correspondence course student) met me here at the Hotel in Yangon for 1 hour this afternoon. You have probably concluded that she will be a valuable resource. I concur. She and some friends have already purchased food and clothing to take to villagers about 3 hours from Yangon. They used a friends truck. She also knows of others who have tried to do the same farther down in the delta but there are two problems: (1) they must hire a boat (2) Some were arrested - not sure of the reason considering that according to Sandra the gov't says all restrictions have been removed. Sandra and I are planning to go to the UN meeting at Traders (Hotel) tomorrow to gain a better understanding of what we can reasonably do in the short term. It is here that contacts are made with others working in the disaster area and often large amounts of commodities are given to those like us who can distribute them.
Apparently Sandra will be available as much as we need her because she does not have a full-time job and, as you said, she wants to help. I mentioned that I would cover all expenses and that we would pay her. She said that she does not expect to be paid. She just wants to help the poor villagers."

I thought passing on the information we get from Cambodia about the Myanmar worrk would be interesting. Phil also was in Cambodia not long ago teaching in the English program. Bill is joining him but will not stay long since needed on the Ship. gail

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lake Quachita Fun

The Family Ministry has made camping at Lake Quachita an annual event, and has been a wonderful success. Families bring campers or tents and enjoy a weekend together. Two years ago I was back during the weekend and was able to participate. This year we hit the weekend again and so I spent Saturday on the lake. Rick and Greg had slipped away to see some more of those Rangers! It really is great seeing the young families mature and really make an effort to fellowship together. The Thorsons and the Gardners join with their campers and definitely are young at heart. We hope to get to know David and Tammy Tappe since David has taken over as minister this past year. We can see that his leadership is making a valuable influence and appears to leading the congregation in a spirtual growth. Life is change and some times I feel homesick to be away from the fellowship of the people here, but I can see that the work continues. We have an awesome God! gail