Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Time Has Come

Well, as you can see I haven't been a good blogger. For my defense, I have asked Rick to write some blogs, but without me prodding him on, I am afraid none were posted. So in less than a week, Rick will return to the states. With many phone calls, lots of emails and Skype voice calls and videos calls with the kids, we have stayed connected and have managed to get through our time apart. Sunday we will reunite in Los Angeles and attend a couple Ranger games with our good friends Jim and Mandy Gardner. They will stay for a conference and we will fly back to Texas to visit Brittany and his mom.
I wanted to post some other websites if you were interested in keeping up with the mission work in Cambodia. Never hesitate to email us for information about other works still going on and who can be contacted. Most of our mission friends send out newsletters about their work. Sarah Kate and Walt Epperson, who will stay on the ship, have a blog site that you can access. So below are some links.



Dennis and Sharon Welch Nutrition Program

Julie Broyles English Program

Rich and Rhonda Dolan CBI Sunset Bible School


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