Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trip To Phnom

Last weekend Rick was able to travel to Phnom Penh for the first time since his return to the ship. I think if I had been with him we would have gone sooner! ha! Anyway, the ship moved to the next location heading back south on the Mekong. So as soon as it docked, Rick caught the last ferry across the river to ride a van to Kompong Cham City to drive the truck that Walt had left for him. Crossing the ferry, the crew got to talking to a man with a truck. How fortunate,so they thought, that this man would take them to KPC. As they started loading into the truck, they realized they were not the only riders, the man was carrying several Muslim men. Since the front was packed with them they got in the back of the truck. They offered a seat for Rick up front, but he declined to ride with the crew. However, when it started raining I think he might have answered differently. So for an hour in pouring rain they rode to KPC. Then Rick started driving the PIP truck. It was still raining, dark, and the roads had not gotten any better since the last time he drove! He was never more thankful to arrive in the city and get to his brother's room. I certainly thanked God and kinda glad I didn't know ahead of time. With trucks, people, motos, animals, all traveling down the road, it is scary in dry daylight. Rick's brother had Skype, so it was so fun to have a video call from them. Greg and Janice were here and we had a great hour long visit. He is back on the ship working away. Thanks for all your prayers! gail


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