Monday, October 04, 2010

Back Home - Final Post

I have been home two weeks now and all of my jetlag is gone and we have begun our new journey. As you can see, we have visited with my Mom and daughter and will see our son this weekend.
Today we are in Marshall Texas in our RV planning our new adventure with the Sojourners. We hope to visit many churches over the next few years and build many new friendships in our travels. It is our prayer that we will have as an enjoyable experience as we have had in Cambodia.
We thank all of you who have faithfully followed us over the last 5 years. Your prayers and notes have done much to build us up and encourage us as we have labored along the Mekong River. This will be our final post on this blog. May God bless you all in your journeys as you seek to serve the Lord in your own personal travel though life.


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