Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last WEI Student - Bun Roth

Rick's final weekend in Phnom Penh was a busy one. Besides doing some last minute shopping at the market for me, he was visiting friends and saying "goodbyes". One evening was special because he shared some pizza and ice cream with Bun Roth and his family. Rick had been studying with Bun Roth for over a year and half several times a week. He is still the pharmacist on the Ship of Life. Bun Roth was an eager student not to just practice and improve his English, but to further his knowledge of the Bible. So on this evening, Rick presented his certificate of completion of the WEI study. Of course they had some gifts for Rick as a thank you for his teaching and friendship. Walt will continue his studies and Bun Roth will be eager to learn much more. gail


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